Permit-less Carry

Permit-less Carry

Permit-less Carry! Are you ready to carry under Texas permit-less carry laws? Exciting right! Texas law now allows certain individuals to carry in Texas without a license to carry. Most people don’t understand that it has legal requirements and has certain laws people must follow if they carry without a Texas LTC.

We created a 30 min online Texas permit-less carry course that will teach you everything you need to know to start carrying September 1, 2021 without a license. Permit-less carry is great as long as you know the laws, restrictions and requirements that come along with it.

Permit-less Carry Course

We are Texas Department of Public Safety instructors. Our online permitless carry course teaches you everything you need to know to feel confident when carrying in Texas without a LTC. 

You will learn the laws, restrictions and requirements to keep you out of trouble. Carrying without a license has a few differences compared to carrying with a license. We cover these plus a lot more including when you can actually use deadly force. 

It’s great that more Texans will be able to carry without a license but it’s super important that you know and understand the laws and restrictions that apply to permit-less carry. Learn everything from Texas DPS instructors! We make it easy!