Texas License To Carry

The time has come!! We are now offering in person classes for those who are wanting to obtain their license to carry (LTC). This class is a 4 to 6 hour class that is state required as a prerequisite to receiving the license to carry. Lessons that will be covered in this class are: License to carry laws, safe gun storage, use of restraint holster, why you should want or maintain your LTC, the required classroom, and shooting test, and all required paperwork to receive the license to carry (LTC).

No handguns or ammunition in the classroom at all NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL!!

This LTC class is easy and is only $85.00, plus range fee of $22.00 payable at time of arrival at the range, and with the range fee you will receive a lifetime membership card, you’ll get the best in Texas.

What to bring to class:

Semi auto or revolver(any caliber)

50 rounds of ammunition( no reloads and brass cased ammo only)

Eye protection ( sunglasses or any kind of glasses will work)

Ear protection ( ear plugs or muffs are fine)

No open toe shoes

Ball cap or hat with a bill recommended but not required

Shirts that are low cut around the neck are not recommended

There is not a designated lunch period, and lunch is not provided. You are welcome to bring something to eat.

If you choose to schedule the class Thursday or Friday, please be advised that the shooting portion of the class will take place on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. For Saturday class, the shooting portion will take place same day.

Rental of weapon (9mm only), safety equipment such as safety glasses, ear coverings. Ammunition is available for purchase for an additional fee.

The fee must be paid prior to attending class, and is non refundable.

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